Top quality dry ice on demand

The COOLPELLY CP80 now allows for in-house dry ice production directly on site. With a capacity of 80 kg per hour, it is suitable for satisfying the demand for medium quantities and, thanks to
its patented system, produces fresh dry ice pellets of the highest quality whenever you want them.

This offers maximum fl exibility, since on-demand production signifi cantly reduces the logistical planning, procurement efforts and the costs associated with these. Particularly when using dry
ice cleaning on sensitive surfaces, fresh and high-quality pellets are essential for a perfect cleaning result.

Pelletizing unit:
Triple pressing cylinder for
triple production reliability!

Scope of Delivery:

  • COOLPELLY Pelletierer CP80
  • 1 matrix set 3mm standard pellets
  • 6m supply tube.

Available Matrices:

For pellet size 1,7mm

For pellet size 2,2mm

For pellet size 3mm

For pellet size 8mm

For pellet size 16mm